Seimens Appliances

Imagine a world where functional doesn’t mean boring, where outstanding becomes the standard and where you are no longer pressed for time. Welcome to the new world of Siemens. For a life less ordinary.

Introducing fully coordinated and intelligently designed appliances, where you can discover the new iQ700 built-in range – for even more flexibility and time-saving solutions that help with our increasingly busy and exciting lifestyles. An oven that saves time, speeding up your cooking by up to 50%. Award-winning dishwashers featuring the world’s first Zeolith® drying system; a technological innovation that sets new standards for performance and energy efficiency. Fridge freezers with food preservation technology and outstanding freezers that never have to be defrosted.

Stunning designs that your friends will envy, clean lines that coordinate with the rest of your living space and high quality materials come as standard with all Siemens appliances. Offering you the perfect balance between modern design and innovative technology, Siemens appliances sit seamlessly together in your home.